Our mission

EMOS PEHA is a not-for-profit company that aims to enhance Greek Cultural Heritage through engaging to activity that centers around archaeological sites and monuments, while also fueling scientific and cross-disciplinary debate and promoting interaction between the scientific community and the broader audience. Our mission is to raise the necessary financial resources to achieve our goals and to mobilize those who love Greek Cultural Heritage to join our team.

EMOS PEHA aims to achieve the following goals:

Financing, supporting, and starting excavations
Abandonment and cancellation of archaeological excavations are common nowadays due to a lack of financial resources. The immediate consequence of this malfunction is that many cultural monuments of immeasurable value remain buried in the ground, condemned to eternal forgetfulness. EMOS PEHA aspires to inspire donors and volunteers and work with archaeologists and government authorities to organize thoroughly and consistently every aspect of the necessary archaeological excavations.

Restoration of cultural monuments
The passage of time and abandonment often lead our ancestors' works to damage and destruction. EMOS PEHA aims at restoring the monuments through finding financial resources, offering volunteer work, and mobilizing the archaeological services.

Maintenance, cleaning, and dignity of archaeological sites and cultural monuments
How many cultural monuments are at the mercy of the weather because of the weakness of the state apparatus? How many of them are destroyed, wiped out, and left unattended as a result of deprivation of elementary human care, thus remaining sterile matrices? EMOS PEHA is dynamically entering the field of preserving archaeological sites and monuments through an activity that aims at cleaning their surroundings and adequately marking the roads leading to the sites.

Scientific and cross-disciplinary debate and interaction with the broader audience
EMOS PEHA supports scientific and cross-disciplinary debate through organizing seminars and collaborating with specialized scientists. Additionally, we aspire to activate and interact with the broader audience by offering trips, archaeological promenades that passes through sites and monuments, an environment for creative conversation, and an opportunity to take part in our activities through volunteering.

At EMOS PEHA we firmly believe that with passion, teamwork, and financial transparency we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our goals.