Our vision

Transnational Balkan cooperation

EMOS PEHA's vision is to play an active role in enhancing Greek Cultural Heritage not only in Greece but also in the neighboring Balkan countries. Simultaneously, we aspire to promote the development of equitable and mutual relations and cooperation between Balkan states in order to explore the common grounds and interactions that took place throughout the ages in the Balkan Peninsula and contributed to the creation of the present-day diverse Balkan identity. In the long run and through focusing on collective activism, EMOS PEHA sets out to motivate citizens from the Balkan states to join its team: our mission will be to enhance the archaeological remains and findings of the Greek culture and at the same time to unify and promote the history, beauty, and culture of the Balkan Peninsula. As an ally in its work, EMOS PEHA invites residents of the Balkan Peninsula and culture lovers from all over the world to fund a part of its actions and contribute to their implementation.  We will all work together to breathe new life into the cultural monuments and archaeological sites that constitute timeless jewels of the Balkan countries. With the rise and restoration of monuments in the area, a spiritual regeneration of the Peninsula can be achieved over time. Its peoples though different in nationality are united in their spirit, which can again become a point of reference for strengthening their bonds. This will achieve the desired historical perspective and continue their common historical course.

Scientific advancement

By the funding of excavations being the primary objective of EMOS PEHA, we aspire to create a potential for new findings to surface that will offer new information about the past. At the same time, discussions around archeological and excavation matters will hopefully broaden through scientific and cross-disciplinary debates that EMOS PEHA pursues and the volunteering experience that we strive to offer to students and young alumni of archaeology.

Local development

The cleanings, restorations and excavations that EMOS PEHA aims to fund will take place in cooperation with the local communities in order to promote and enhance the countless treasures that remain abandoned throughout Greece. In that context, we propose that the finds of each excavation could be placed in local museums and the archaeological sites should be in a state that contributes to promoting the beauty and the unique historical past of each region.

Supporting tourism

Through utilizing archaeological sites and monuments EMOS PEHA aims in the creation of strong tourism poles which will lead to economic growth at a national, regional, and local level. Simultaneously, the utilization of cultural heritage will have scientific routes and an ongoing respect for Greek Cultural Heritage and its archeological sites and monuments.

Prospects for employment

EMOS PEHA expects that through supporting scientific advancement, local development, and tourism growth there will be new job prospects and vacancies in the sectors of culture, archaeology, and excavations, while also in heritage management and cultural and alternative tourism.